Eaton Golf Club Swing Centre - Take our 10 yard challenge

Reaction to our new Swing Centre has been fantastic with many members having fittings, lessons, gapping sessions, Sim Play and practice in the warm and dry environment. We are now running a 10 yard challenge using our GC2 Launch Monitor which is where we think we can gain you a minimum of 10 yards extra length with your Driver. Now we have such amazing technology at our disposal we can optimise your Launch Data by adjusting your own driver or by using a more suitable one for your game. Why not use your members £15 Swing Centre voucher and take up the challenge.

Swing Centre Memberships now available

Due to the great reaction we have received from everyone who has used our Swing Centre we have decided to offer membership options that will allow you to use the facilities at some great prices throughout the year. All three levels of membership can be used for Practice or Simulator Play and offer the fantastic experience and feedback that cannot be achieved on a range.

Gold Membership - 15 Hours Swing Centre Gameplay - £225.00

Silver Membership - 10 Hours Swing Centre Gameplay - £175.00

Bronze Membership - 5 Hours Swing Centre Gameplay - £100.00

These memberships can be used in 1/2 hour or 1 hour slots as well and are bookable through the Pro Shop. Make sure your practice this year is conducted in a Warm and Dry environment with immediate feedback on your shots.

Warm-up sessions now available at weekends between 8-10am - Hit 20 balls in the warm and dry before you play for only £2. Don't forget to book your warm up by contacting the Pro Shop in advance.


Swing Centre Pricing (Members Only)

- Ball Fitting (15 mins) - £5
- Practice Session (30 mins) - £15
- Gapping Session (1 hour) - £30
- Club Fitting Irons (1 hour)* - £30
- Club Fitting Woods (1 hour)* - £30
- Full Club Fit - Irons & Woods (1 & 1/2 hours)* - £45

* This charge will be taken off the price of any clubs purchased

Golf Simulator Sessions - up to 4 people max:

1 hours Simulator Play (Approx time for a 2 ball playing 9 holes) £30

2 hours Simulator Play (Approx time for a 4 ball playing 9 holes) £60

All members will be entitled to an annual Swing Centre £15 Voucher (non transferable). This can be used as part or all of one of the sessions above. The Swing Centre will be bookable in advance through the Pro Shop.